Our Mission.

We're on a mission is to use walking tours to share the contributions of women who have been forgotten, ignored and marginalised.

Our Story

She Shapes History started with a simple question – “Where are the women?

The history of women in Australia —as friends, as colleagues, as individuals, as a group — is often written on sand. Many stories have been lost, unrecorded, devalued and untold. As a society, it’s easy to forget that women were behind many of the moments that shaped Australia.

While there are many ways to learn more about our history, there is nothing quite like a walking tour. Walking tours offer an opportunity to share knowledge and women’s stories in an inclusive and non-judgmental context. As tour guides, education enables us to empower and enact change. By telling meaningful stories that bring Canberra's past and present to life, we help locals and tourists draw deeper connections to its culture and people.

Walk with us through a familiar landscape to encounter an unfamiliar history. Our tours creatively and dynamically reveal the diverse ways women have shaped Australia. Where are the women in the story of Australia? Well, as you'll discover on our tours, everywhere.

Our Values

We are intentional in ensuring our content reflects Australia’s diversity. We foreground women’s agency, resilience and strength while also acknowledging structural inequalities and challenges. We specifically focus on sharing women’s stories from migrant, disabled, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and LGBTQIA+ communities.

You don’t need a history degree to enjoy our tours. Walking tours offer an opportunity to share knowledge and stories in an inclusive and non-judgmental context. We don’t want there to be any barriers to engaging with our content. We don’t assume any prior knowledge, use image descriptions, and use clear and non-exclusionary language.


We’re direct, respectful and kind. Whether it’s in an internal staff meeting or in a conversation with a guest, we communicate directly, but with respect and kindness. Our Safer Spaces Policy is fundamentally about treating one another with respect and ensures She Shapes History (the tours, social media, and any online or off-site events) is a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment.


Queerness is rooted in liberation. For us, being queer is about more than gender or sexuality. It is about someone’s willingness to challenge what we understand as “normal.” It is about embracing and making space for the possibility of new, innovative, radical ways of existing. To be a queer business means to challenge the status quo. To be a queer business means to innovate.

Community Focussed
We want our tours to create more engaged locals and visitors. We strive to create a sense of community and belonging, to make people feel a part of Canberra, and a part of She Shapes History. We also design our content in collaboration with relevant community organisations and individuals.

Our Impact

Our Team (Emma, Sita & Lucy)
By hosting historical walking tours, creating educational social media content, and partnering with community organisations, we strive to preserve and celebrate Canberra's diverse heritage, bring business to women and LGBTQIA+ owned businesses, and share the stories of our community.