Our Story

Sita (She/Her)
Ripley (They/Them)
When we first met back in 2017, we instantly hit it off, but soon found ourselves on opposite sides of the country. We both moved back to Canberra in early 2021 and reconnected over a cup of coffee. That's when She Shapes History was born. We have been inseparable since.

We created She Shapes History to share the inclusive and diverse account of Australian history hidden in Canberra’s landscape.

We grew up hearing only one version of Australian history. But as we got older, we discovered that our country has a rich and diverse history. One where the first tour operator was African American, where First Nations women voted in 1894, and where a woman designed our nation’s capital.

We genuinely believe that by delivering these tours, researching these histories, and curating these stories, we too can shape history.

She Shapes History is a business proudly owned and led by two queer people of colour.

Our Values

We are intentional in ensuring our content reflects Australia’s diversity. We specifically focus on sharing women’s stories from migrant, disabled, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and LGBTQIA+ communities.
We design our content in collaboration with relevant community organisations and individuals. We regularly check in with tour participants, community partners, cultural institutions and the women and families featured in the stories we share.
We’ve thought a lot about how to make our tours accessible. ALL of our tours and social media content are enjoyable and accessible to everyone.
We are mindful about how we source and share stories. We are also committed to sustainable business practices.
We are always looking to improve and evolve our tours. For us, innovation requires stepping outside of your comfort zone, embracing different perspectives and challenging standard models of running a business.
We foreground women’s agency, resilience and strength while also acknowledging structural inequalities and challenges.
We started She Shapes History by writing down the values driving us to share these stories. These values are the basis for everything we do today.

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