Teruko Nakashima
(1936 -)
Teruko Nakashima was Japanese war bride who immigrated to Australia during the White Australia policy. She is also Ripley's Obasan (grandmother). Arriving in Australia in 1961 Teruko faced countless challenges, as she was often perceived as the 'enemy' and an 'alien entering Australia'.

Yet, Teruko did the remarkable thing of raising a family in Australia with little English, during a time of great hostility and racism towards Japanese people. Teruko and the 650 Japanese war brides who immigrated here, challenged the view that the Australia we live in, was and should be a white Australia. She's a truly remarkable woman and obasan.

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We would like to thank Teruko. As her grandchild, we have shared many bowls of miso soup while chatting about her life in Japan and Australia. This stop on the tour is dedicated to her. This is a small gesture to honour the often unrecognised lives of legacy of the Japanese War Brides, who persevered in Australia often under very difficult circumstances. I'm incredibly grateful for my Obasan's strength, perseverance and her sense of humour.