Our guides.

Meet the passionate and diverse team ready to share their city with you. Our guides are basically that colourful older sibling everyone wished they had (and, in our younger siblings' case, did have!).

Sita (She/Her)
The human equivalent of a Golden Retriever.
Bio: Sita is the human equivalent of a Golden Retriever. She loves food, people, and walks. Sita absolutely loves being a tour guide because allows her to combine her three great loves. She's also almost always smiling and has a wicked sense of humour.

During the week, Sita is a Research Officer at the Australian National University, and on weekends she runs tours with She Shapes History. These tours are often the highlight of her week. They're an opportunity for her to nerd out about Canberra's hidden feminist history and to meet incredible people who she would never otherwise have the opportunity to meet. Outside of tours, you’re likely to catch her riding her bike around town—say hello!

Ask Sita about: Canberra's best hikes and her favourite romance novels.

Meet Sita on: The National Triangle: Through Women's Eyes
Lucy (She/Her)
The loudest, most-outgoing, and funniest person in any room
Bio: Lucy is someone who is almost always either laughing or talking loudly (often at the same time!).

During the week, you can find Lucy working as a Digital Curator of Art at one of Canberra’s cultural institutions and studying for her Masters in Gender and Sexuality. She loves gardening at her community plot, pole dancing, and hanging out with her pet menagerie of a dalmatian, a cat and a turtle. A proud queer feminist, Lucy is pretty sure her key purpose in life is to be inspired (read: gobsmacked) by the amazing women and gender diverse people in her life and in history. She loves being a tour guide for She Shapes History because it gives her an opportunity to share that energy with someone other than her partner!

Ask Lucy about: Where to eat in Canberra and the last movie she watched!

Meet Lucy on: The National Triangle: Through Women's Eyes