Badass Women of Canberra
National Triangle Walking Tour

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10AM – 12PM
Friday, Saturdays & Sundays
2 Hours
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Walk into Canberra's hidden women's history and discover the badass women behind Australia's capital city. Hidden between the National Archives, the National Library, and the National Gallery are the stories of women who designed cities, changed Australia’s constitution and dismissed governments.

You'll see it all, from the longest-running protest in the world to hidden spy bunkers and secret moats to the buildings where decisions about the future of our country are made. Our funny and passionate local guides are excited to share the stories of Australia's capital city with you.

On this tour, we dive into Canberra’s hidden history and share how the city gradually became the political and cultural capital it is today. This fun, interactive and informative tour introduces you to a different side of Canberra’s most iconic monuments, sites and cultural institutions.

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