The walking tour where students learn how to shape history!

Uncover the stories of the incredible women history has forgotten.

This highly interactive and captivating walking tour takes students to iconic Australian locations, sharing the inspiring and unexpected story of the creation of our nation. On the tour, students learn how to shape a nation from the pioneering, defiant and unexpected women who voted in 1856, federated a nation in 1901 and changed Australia’s constitution in 1967. At each stop, students receive a unique ‘How To’ recipe card breaking down the techniques and strategies these women used to shape history. This tour looks at the impact of colonisation, the gold rush, federation, war, social movements and immigration. Students will leave with a transformed view of history, inspired to reflect on how they too can shape our nation.

$5 Per Student
Minimum booking of 20
Runs Weekdays
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60 Minutes
Tour Duration

➪ Visit 6 iconic Australian sites in the National triangle.

➪ Students receive four unique recipe postcards detailing how women have shaped history. These recipes equip students to think critically about the techniques and strategies they can use to shape history.

➪ Students will be inspired by dynamic guides with years of experience in delivering senior high school programs. All guides are trained in first aid and have received their COVID-19 vaccinations. (Our guides also have a great sense of humour).

➪ To foster ongoing learning, students will receive recipe cards featuring QR codes. These codes directly link to the sources behind the tour's stories. This empowers students (and teachers) to learn more about these women's stories after the tour.

➪ Uncover incredible sites of First Nations activism, overworked robots, sunken suburbs and the ghosts of dead Prime Ministers.

Learning Outcomes
A deeper understanding of social change
Students will come away with a deeper understanding of the role Australian women played in social movements during the 20th century. They will gain insight into the context, significance, motivations and methods employed by women to create change.

Increased Empathy
Our tours offer the opportunity for students to develop increased empathy and understanding towards others. As students hear about diverse people's lives from different time periods, contexts and cultures they are invited to see life from another perspective.

Enhanced Critical Thinking Skills
This tour is designed to get students to think critically. By sharing stories of freedom, equality, injustice, struggle, loss, achievement, courage and triumph, we encourage students to think critically about our shared past, present and future.

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